Welcome to Black Sun Farm, a no-till organic market garden and poultry operation in Killingly, Connecticut! We have been proud to have our produce and herbs Certified Naturally Grown. However, due to various unforeseen circumstances, we are not renewing our certification for 2023. We continue to maintain all organic practices.

 We provide fresh organic herbs and herbal remedies, Artisanal herbal incenses, farm-canned foods, weird and unusual produce (such as black tomatoes and peppers,) and amazing nutrient-dense leafy greens! Register for one of our Workshops or go on a Foraging Walk to teach yourself a new skill! 

Schedule a Consultation with our Herbalist, who focuses on holistic nutrition and herbal system support. You can change your life and improve your physical health with a Personal Coach or learn to help yourself and your family utilizing the power of herbs and natural remedies by attending our
Folk Herbalism School

Personal wellness starts with good food, and your body can heal naturally with help from herbs!

Please CLICK HERE to see what is Currently Available and in-season at the farm!

If you have trouble shopping through this website, please check our listings on Etsy! 

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