Welcome to Black Sun Farm, a no-till organic market garden and Herbal Remedy Creation operation in Killingly, Connecticut! I have been proud to have my produce and herbs Certified Naturally Grown. However, due to various unforeseen circumstances, I am not renewing my certification for 2023. I continue to maintain all organic practices.

 I have been practicing Holistic Folk Herbalism since 2018. I grow nutrient-dense organic vegetables and herbs and I create handcrafted Herbal Remedies, Artisanal Incense, and fresh farm-grown canned foods.

I love teaching foraging and life skills in both Private and Group Workshops. I am passionate about helping you regain your health from the inside out in a natural, whole-body healing way with a combination of dietary changes and herbal support.

Register for one of my Workshops or go on a Foraging Walk to teach yourself a new skill! 

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