Welcome to Black Sun Farm, a no-till market garden and poultry operation in Killingly, Connecticut! We are proud to have our  produce and herbs recently be Certified Naturally Grown. We provide soy-free duck and chicken eggs, fresh herbs and herbal remedies, herbal incenses, weird and unusual produce (such as black tomatoes and peppers,) and amazing nutrient-dense leafy greens! You can also schedule a Consultation with our Herbalist to start your Holistic Healing Journey.  Personal Wellness starts with food, and Happiness with herbs!


Please CLICK HERE to see what is Currently Available and in-season at the farm!

If you have trouble shopping through this website, please check our listings on Etsy! 

Hey, all! I did an interview for the Green Organic Gardener Podcast in February 2020. Why don’t you take a listen? (Click the highlighted text for the link)

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