Bone Broth!

You have probably heard of bone broth by now– slow cooking beef or chicken bones with other herbs and Vegetables for long periods of time to leech out all the good nutrition inside. They actually sell bone broth at grocery store markets now, for around $7-10 for less than a quart size jar! But did you know you can make your own amazingly immune-boosting bone broth yourself for less than $5 for a huge batch?

Roast the bones at 350 F for half an hour with some salt and pepper first, helps give a nice flavor

The best bones to use are going to come from a local small farm, so buy those if you can find some. If you can’t, most grocery stores do sell bones with very little meat or just some marrow visible. These are good to use as well.

The vegetables may take a little more preparation, but you can start now. The way I do it is that any time I cook dinner, I save the little bits and scraps of onion ends, garlic nubs, potato peel, celery ends, etc and put them all in a Ziploc bag in the freezer. I add to the bag every time I cook and eventually, there ends up being enough to just throw in the pot. If I roast a chicken and have picked off all the meat I can get, I throw that into the big crock pot with my bag of veggies scraps and some salt and pepper and just cook it on low for a day or so. If you haven’t been saving your veggies scraps, though, you can just rough chop a carrot, some celery (break in half,) cut an onion in quarters, throw in those nasty little pieces of garlic that are hell to peel (don’t bother peeling anything) and some salt and pepper. I also like to add a little seaweed and some mushrooms if I can, as well as whatever herbs or green things I can forage out in the yard.

Here’s one I made with chicken feet! They have lots of extra collagen

Just throw everything in the crock pot, cover with water, add what you want, and cook it at least 12 hours on low. The end result may need some extra salt, but you can either drink it in a mug, freeze it in batches, use it as a base for soups, or whatever. Great for when you are sick! Do you make bone broth?

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