Flower Essences in Troubling Times

Dr. Edward Bach pioneered work with flower essences, creating a new kind of natural medicine that works to heal and change emotional responses in individuals. You may have seen the little bottles of Bach Flower Remedies at your local health food store and wondered what they are for. Flower Essences are an Energetic medicine that imbibe water with the energy and powers of a specific flower. This water is then preserved and taken by drops daily, causing the desired action on the consumer’s emotional and mental state.

While Bach’s Flower Essences are most well-known, almost any flower can be made into a powerful remedy. Beech and Chicory are essences that come to mind during this time of political, racial, and societal turmoil. If you happen to be one of those folks who have trouble dealing with others, are overly critical of others’ behavior, or have a tendency to argue a lot, flower essences can help you. Vine is an essence that helps you respect other people’s ideas and expressions, and could be helpful for many of us in this trying time.

I make flower essences here on the farm, and I use several of them myself. Trust me– they do work! The flowers have a natural power most people don’t know about or expect, and adding flower essences to your daily self care regime can truly help your mind and emotions come back to a more centralized vibrational equilibrium.

If you are having a tough time with all the civil unrest going on now, take a look at This Reference for Flower Essences and see if your emotional unrest may be helped by one of these remedies.

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