About Us

Black Sun Farm is a micro-farm operation in Killingly, Connecticut, started in late 2017 by Amelia South.   I practice no-till regenerative agriculture and experiment with different, new gardening methods every season such as the Ruth Stout Method and Hugelkultur. As a Certified Naturally Grown farm, I use only organic supplies, seeds, and organic growing practices. The farm was originally residential property, so I built all the growing spaces here from the ground up, mostly using found and repurposed materials. I prefer to grow heirloom varieties of vegetables, and practice such popular homesteading skills as seed saving, canning, and fermenting.

I keep a very small flock of chickens and ducks along with two pet geese. I occasionally have excess Soy-Free eggs available for purchase. Their eggs are not certified due to the fact that I feel it is more important to be allowed to reduce the family’s personal food waste by throwing the chickens any food scraps we have rather than only allowing them to eat the bagged poultry feed.

I am a trained Herbalist and consult people on how they can improve their health with a combination of dietary changes and herbal support. I grow many of the herbs I use here at the farm, though I also am an avid forager. I teach guided Foraging Walks and other classes as often as I can find an audience. I am very crafty and enjoy talking to trees, crocheting, drawing, cooking, and spending time in the woods.

My personal healing journey with herbs began when I was pregnant with my first child. There is a very limited number of things a pregnant woman is allowed to ingest for any number of ailments, and the same thing goes for infants. My childbirth experience left my body physically damaged, requiring therapy and time to heal. After the baby was born, what could I possibly give her for colic or gas, or not being able to sleep at night? I had to figure all these things out for myself, as the doctors basically told me I was on my own in that department. The internet wasn’t as advanced back then, so I was left to my own devices. I’ve had my own share of physical trials in life since then: dealing with side effects from birth control, developing and healing a stomach ulcer, regulating hormone imbalances, resolving 17 years of chronic yeast infections, discovering and curing my own SIBO and rosacea, and a battle with fluctuating weight and over-indulgence of alcohol past the age of 32. I recently had to have half my thyroid gland removed due to a cancerous growth, and am learning the new ways my body functions due to that loss and hypothyroidism. My own experiences have fueled my desire to heal my own body and given me ample understanding of the way a woman’s body functions. I continue my education in herbalism every day and am always learning something new that I can file away mentally to help someone with later. I truly want to share my knowledge and experience with you to assist you with your own journey toward health.