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Black Sun Farm is a micro-farm operation in Killingly, Connecticut, started in late 2017 by Amelia Kellner with help from her husband Nikoli.  I practice no-till regenerative agriculture and experiment with different, new gardening methods every season such as the Ruth Stout Method and Hugelkultur. As a Certified Naturally Grown farm, I use only organic supplies, seeds, and organic growing practices. Our farm was residential property when we created it, so we have built all the growing spaces here from the ground up, mostly using found and repurposed materials.

We raise geese, ducks, and chickens, and almost always have a supply of soy-free chicken and duck eggs available. We let our birds free range the property and they know exactly where the back door is to beg for treats. Our eggs are not certified due to the fact that we feel it is more important to be allowed to reduce our personal food waste by throwing the chickens any food scraps we have rather than only allowing them to eat the bagged poultry feed.

I prefer to grow heirloom varieties of vegetables, and we practice such popular homesteading skills as seed saving, canning, and fermenting. In addition, Amelia is a trained Herbalist and consults people on how they can improve their health with a combination of dietary changes and herbal support. I grow many of the herbs I use here at the farm, though I also am an avid forager. I am very crafty and enjoys crocheting, making herbal incense and tea blends, and talking to plants. Nikoli is good at building things from scrap material and is the resident repairman. I continue to grow my small farm bit by bit every year.

Drawing I made for Imbolc 2021

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