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incense crafting
Showing students how to make incense cones

Would you like to do something a little different for your next birthday party or gathering? Book a Private Workshop!


Incense Crafting Workshop

Learn the magickal and historical properties of plants, experience different scents, and craft your own loose incense blend as well as a batch of incense cones made with ONLY plant materials. No oils or chemicals! Experience the true power of the plants and learn to work with your intentions and intuition. All materials included in this workshop, must book at least 3 weeks in advance of the event to allow time for me to acquire ingredients. Groups smaller than 5 people $30/person, More than 5 students $25 per person.

Spring or Summer Foraging Workshop

Get a group together and we will forage your back yard and woods, find whatever is available, and I will show you how to eat it or make folk medicine with it. Includes cooking or Medicine making demonstration! If everyone wants to go home with medicine I’ll have to check your property prior to the event to be sure of what is available. Groups of 5 or more $25 per person (plus additional fuel fee if your location is over 10 miles from me)