Workshops / Events

If you would like to book an event or have me teach a workshop, please utilize the Contact Me form and I will get back to you.

I am available for Private Foraging Tours Spring through Autumn on either your property or a public land space for a fee. The fee depends on the size of the area we will be touring.

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Winter Foraging Walk- There are still a few things you can find to forage in winter time, be they food or medicine! January 22nd at 10AM at Quandoc Conservation Area. Class Limit 15 people.

Making Acorn Flour Cookies Includes lesson on how to find and process acorns to make flour, as well as a recipe!- Online Webinar January 29th at 11 AM $25 Registration fee.

SPECIAL Valentine’s Day Workshop! Incense Crafting Class Learn about herbs and their meanings, how to blend scents, different types of incense, and blend your own loose incense and craft some cones. Each student goes home with their own hand-crafted incense and lots of knowledge! This class only, we will craft a magical Romance-enhancing blend sure to set the mood for upcoming Valentine’s Day! February 5, 2022 at 10 AM Location: Blueberry Hill Organic Farm $100 per person, 2+ hour long class

Craft Your Own Incense Blend– Similar to the Special Valentine’s Day Class, but with a lot less history, explanation, and a simpler incense blend. February 25th at 6pm at Tunk City Revival in Danielson. $50/person.

Making Simple Fermented Foods for Gut Health: In Person at Blueberry Hill Organic Farm. Each student will learn several methods of fermentation. You will go home with a full jar of fermented vegetables in your own fermenting jar with a new glass fermenting weight, as well as several recipes! February 12 at 10 AM $50 per person

Blending Herbal Teas (Zoom Class) February 26th at 11 AM

Listening to Incense Workshop: March 12th 10am-2pm: This class is the pinnacle of creating incense– Communicating with the plants themselves! I will teach you heart perception techniques and we will each spend time with a single herb, experiencing the messages that the herb has just for you. After we have experienced and shared this amazing new skill, we will craft incense sticks from a blend of handmade plant powders, learning the magical and emotional properties of each plant. This is truly a plant spirit experience! This class is around 3-4 hours, so it’s best to set aside a day for yourself so your mind can truly absorb all you learn. $150 per person, in person at Blueberry Hill Organic Farm. Bring a lunch!

Chicken Processing WorkshopLearn how to raise your own “meat birds” and how to humanely slaughter, pluck, and gut them to prepare for freezing. Two options for this event: $75 to participate in the lesson AND go home with the meat you processed, or $40 to just view / absorb the lesson and help a bit.

Herbal Smoke Stick Making Workshop July 16, 2022 at 10AM here at the farm, $40/person