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Herbal medicine is not the same as traditional Western medicine. The best way for me to help you is not to give you one or two remedies to treat a specific condition, as a doctor would, but to learn about the working of your whole, unique body, and figure out what we can do to help it heal itself. This is why a consultation is the best way I can help you.

I grow as many of my own herbs as I can on my small farm, so that I have a local, organically-cultivated source for the plant medicines I use and recommend. I also am an avid forager, and prefer to find and work with wild plants from our local ecosystem. A Holistic Healer helps you through the strategic marriage of food and herbs. You must be willing to make changes in your daily habits for this method to work for you– there is no magic pill!

Conditions I can help with include:

  • Weight Loss Goals
  • Digestion Issues
  • Immune Health or Enhancement
  • Chronic Candidiasis
  • Emotional and Behavioral Imbalances
  • Respiratory Ailments
  • Anxiety Management or Trouble Sleeping
  • Skin Issues
  • Safe Remedies for Children
  • Grounding and Spiritual Balancing

I am NOT a doctor. I am an Herbalist. I do not (and can not) diagnose or treat your medical problems. If you have a serious condition that was diagnosed by a medical professional and are on medications to control it, herbs are not necessarily going to have the ability to replace those drugs. Many health problems can be helped with the use of certain herbs and remedies, in conjunction with a Holistic approach to nutrition and emotional wellness. I believe in treating the WHOLE person, not just their symptoms. It’s not always best to just treat your symptoms; often, we can find the source of the problem and heal your body as well as stop the symptoms that are bothering you.

An in-depth evaluation should be followed up with shorter consultations, both to track progress and adjust dosages if necessary. You are absolutely NOT required to purchase any herbs or remedies from me, but if you would like me to help you find or create them for you, I will be happy to do so. I do grow and forage herbs and create herbal formulas, but I cannot guarantee I will have the herbs you want on hand at any given time. I can, however, point you in the right direction as to what you can try out. I prefer to only work with herbs that are known to be safe, so side effects are minimal to nonexistent. Some herbs cannot be used in conjunction with certain pharmaceuticals, so you may not be able to take certain herbs at the same time as your medications from your doctor. Please understand that ahead of time before we work together on your healing journey.

Initial Consultation and Evaluation (About two hours or so): $60

Follow-up Consultation (About 15-20 minutes each): $15

Please fill out the Contact Us form to make an appointment for a consultation. I will ask you to either print out and fill out the Evaluation Form prior to your appointment, or arrive about 15 minutes early so you may do so before we speak. The in-person consultation allows me to speak directly with you and discuss what you want to work on, so I can get to know you as a whole person. I can take your payment in person upon your arrival or you may prepay. (Cash, Check, Credit Cards accepted.)

I can do the full consultation with you via an online video chat if you cannot meet in person; please let me know if you prefer us to consult over Zoom, Skype, or Facebook Video chat rather than in person.

Online-Only Mini Consultation

You will fill out my client intake form and return it to me via email. I will get an idea of your issues and self, and send you a written recommendation based on what you tell me. This is less personal and often less detailed than a true Consultation and is best used as a starting point for your own research about helping yourself heal.



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