Currently Available

The following Produce and goods are available at the farm as of April 2023:

Nothing fresh at the moment

This was the canning room at the end of 2020

Amish Green Tomato Relish: $9/jar (pint)

Blackcurrant Preserves: $6/jar (4 oz)

Queen Anne’s Lace Jelly: $6/half pint jar (Prize-winning!)

Dill Pickles: $10/pint, $6 half pint

Husk Cherry Hot Sauce: $7 4 oz. jar, $10 half pint

Yellow Squash Relish: $9/pint jar (Prize-winning!)

Spiced Pear Butter: $7/ half pint jar

Sweet Pickles: $10/pint

Salsa: $10/ pint

NOTE: If you buy a canned good from us, please return the jar! I will give you $1 off your next purchase for every jar you bring back!