Flower Essences

Spider Plant Flower Essence

Rebirth. Let go of old patterns, need for approval from others



Sunflower Flower Essence

Bring yourself courage; raise self-esteem, brighten your mood


Borage Flower Essence

Lack of confidence when facing challenges. Brings courage, buoyancy to the soul, especially during or after moments of grief.


Blackberry Flower Essence

Grounding your ideas into reality, stand up and be more fruitful, move ahead with new projects, get your butt in gear


Star of Bethlehem Flower Essence

Shock or Grief Relief Imbalances: Brings comfort when one refuses to be consoled due to bad news, accident, fright, sudden or past shock


Calendula Flower Essence

Tendency to be argumentative, lack of ability to communicate with others, verbal abuse


Comfrey Flower Essence

Low body awareness; unresolved trauma and injuries from the past; difficulty healing old wounds; energy loss for no apparent reason.


Rose Flower Essence

Unfreeze the heart. Be ready to love and forgive again


Lady’s Mantle Flower Essence

Intellectual or technical approach to healing, female system feeling suffering of Mother Earth. Calms your heart and eases your spirit by balancing your electromagnetic fields


St. John’s Wort Flower Essence

This essence was made on the summer solstice 2020, and as such has extra energy in it! Depression related to lack of connection to the spiritual world and self, psychic and physical vulnerability


Dandelion Flower Essence

Brighten and Relax your mood. This helps resolve tense, rigid or stiff muscles, a person who over-strives and drives themselves too hard. 1/2 ounce bottle.


Peach Blossom Flower Essence

Unselfishness Resolves tendency to be selfish, thoughtless, inability to relate to others, exploitive nature, tendency to smother, inability to relate to others’ realities, inability to receive love. 1/2 ounce bottle.


Willow Flower Essence

Acceptance, Forgiveness Resolves imbalances of a person being bitter, resentful, feeling as if they have been treated unfairly, tendency to see themselves as the victim


Sweet Pea Flower Essence

Inability to form bonds with social community or to find one’s place in the world. Ability to form social roots.


Tulsi (Holy Basil) Flower Essence

Create an elevated state of focused awareness. Everything becomes sharper, sweeter, more clarified when you are under the influence of Holy Basil.


Echinacea Flower Essence

When your new self is beginning to change, Echinacea flower helps you break through whatever is stopping you from completing that change. Helps release tensions that may weaken your immune system.


Hyssop Flower Essence

Body-based guilt or shame, physical self harm, soul memory of previous abuse, body shame. Helps forgive and receive acceptance from others.


Evening Primrose Flower Essence

Brings awareness and healing of painful early emotions absorbed from parents while young or even while in the womb (think: unwanted child.) Encourages ability to form committed, deep relationships after feelings of rejection.


Montbretia, “Lucifer Flower” Flower Essence

Assists in working with explosive anger problems. Encourages you to take steps towards a more positive and peaceful resolution to your anger.


Marshmallow Flower Essence

Soften and soothe anger and emotional wounds. Shift out of negative emotional state.


Violet Flower Essence

For people who hold back from contact with others due to fear of judgement or shyness.Lets you open up and blossom!


White Pine

For those who remain obsessed with past events and blame themselves, often apologizing for things they don’t need to. Pine bring self-forgiveness and balance despite past mistakes.