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Folk Medicine Making Class Series

School On Hiatus for 2023

What is a Folk Herbalist?

I consider myself both a Folk and an Intuitive Herbalist. That means I speak with the plants and learn their medicine, but I also learn plant medicine from books and other online sources. And the way that I craft herbal medicines is with the folk method–basically, I eyeball just about everything. This takes skill; you need to learn plant identification, which types of medicines you can make, what herbs are best in which solution, and other crafting skills. This class won’t turn you into a Clinical Herbalist, but it WILL give you the confidence you need to find or grow your own medicinal plants and turn them into medicines for the benefit of your own family.

One weekend every month from April through October, for approximately a 3-5 hour block of time, we will meet either here at the farm or at a nearby public park and:

  • Learn to recognize wild plants during each part of the season at every stage of their development
  • Learn the foundations of nutrition and how important it is for the working of the human body
  • Pick up to three plants either in the wild or in the garden and craft a medicinal concoction with them
  • Learn how to communicate with the plant effectively, honoring its spirit for giving you its medicine
  • Harvest leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, or bark from local and garden plants based on which part of the plant is needed
  • Learn how to guesstimate ratios based on what type of medicine we are crafting
  • Learn ways to save money and create your concoctions in the most financially economical way possible
  • Learn how to grow some simple yet powerfully medicinal plants in your own back yard
  • Explore the energetics of some plants and how they relate to the energetics of the human body
  • Learn the concept of Vitalism as relates to the working of the world around us

*Class Must Have at least 5 Students Every Year in Order to Proceed*

If minimum number of students is not reached before April 15th, your payment will be refunded
(minus processing fee from the bank.)

7 Monthly Payments of $100

2 Payments of $350 (Second payment will be invoiced to you)

One Payment of $700

Let’s make medicine together!

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to you at the end of the season,
during our final class together.