Foraging Walks and Workshops

To arrange a Private Foraging walk or workshop for you or a group, please use the Foraging Walk Form.

You can also check my Availability Schedule on my Calendly (Calendar) or book an event there

Do you have any idea just how many wild foods and medicines are in your own back yard at your fingertips, waiting to be found?

The bounty nature provides is everywhere, including right at your feet!
If you want to learn how to identify and work with all the wonderful plants you have growing on your property, schedule a Foraging Walk today! This is a great learning event for any age group, including Home School kids.

For most people, foraging is best learned in person so that you can be really certain of your identification and taste test the things we find. This is an indispensable survival skill that you will be glad to have learned for the rest of your life.

Private Foraging Tour: I come to your house or property and walk all over it with you, finding and showing you the many different plants available to you and helping you understand how to work with them in a sustainable manner.

Group Foraging Walk: For 5 people or more, we can do this on your own land, a public/state park, or a local farm.

Foraging Workshop: For small groups, we can do this on private land or in a public park and take a group hike where I will help you all identify the herbs and edibles we find along the way. We can harvest some and make food or medicine with the plants after we hike! This works great if you have a kitchen or place where I can set up a few tools with which to create something like a tea, pesto, vinegar, or other small meal. Generally 2-3 hours.

Price depends on a number of factors including how far your property is from my home (Anything further than 5 miles from Killingly, CT will be charged at 50 cents per mile), how many people I am teaching (a Group Walk is usually $25 per person), and how large your property is (a one hour walk over 2 acres is going to be less expensive than a 3 hour walk over 20 acres.) A full medicine-making workshop in addition to a Foraging Walk will be more like $35 per person, depending on materials.

A Non-Refundable 50% deposit is required at the time of scheduling. If we need to reschedule for some reason I ask that you notify me at least one week ahead of time.

Teaching a Spring Foraging Class
I found witch hazel!
A student picking Usnea from a tree
Ramps and Garlic Mustard foraged in May

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