Herbal Remedy Creation


Amelia has been growing herbs and dabbling in herbal remedies for years, ever since the birth of her children spurred her to discover new ways to heal without the use of harsh chemicals or drugs. She has been studying herbalism in earnest since 2018, and is forever a student of the craft. She is now accepting clients for consultations to help people heal their whole bodies, not just cure a symptom.

We grow almost all the herbs used in our remedies here on our farm in Killingly, so you know you are receiving a product untainted by chemical fertilizers or petroleum products. Salves are made using herb-infused olive oil or occasionally locally-sourced beef suet (which sounds weird but feels amazing on your skin!) Almost all the herbs used to make teas and tinctures are grown or foraged by us, and every flower essence is made with fresh flowers from our small farm. Our products can be found at several craft fairs in the region and at the Farmer’s Market in Killingly. Tinctures are made with high quality vodka, infused oils are made with high quality olive oil.

Herbal smudge sticks are also available, utilizing various herbs in addition to sage. Each herb has its own meaning and magical properties, so if you would like a guide to creating one with specific properties, please contact me via the Contact Us Form during the growing season.

If you have a specific ailment you are looking to address, or you are in search of a local source for a specific herb, do not hesitate to contact us!

Note: In an effort to help the environment, we try to reuse glass or plastic jars that once held other substances (nothing toxic), which we sterilize before using to store or sell our herbal remedies. If you have any jars or containers you would like to donate for this purpose, please don’t hesitate to contact us or just drop them off at the farm.

Medical Note: Please be aware that Amelia is not a medical doctor and that her advice and suggestions do not constitute medical advice. A holistic, natural approach to health is what we aim for.