Herbal Teas and Infusion Blends

Gut Heal Infusion

Supports ulcers, GERD, IBS, digestive upset, etc. Half ounce bag is $5; most herbs grown on our farm. 4 ounce jar is $12. Contact Us for different size bag or jar.


Breathe Right Tea

This blend helps support the lungs during a dry, persistent cough or respiratory infection. Half ounce bag.


Sweet Apple Spice Tea

A lovely blend of locally-grown apples, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom, star anise, and stevia. This tea is delicious!!! Half ounce bag.


Caffeine-Free Chai Tea Blend

You can either simmer just a scoop of this in a non-dairy milk/ water, or add a black tea bag and make it your own caffeinated version. Add honey and milk and it’s delish!


Enter The Dream State

Contains mugwort, hops, linden, tulsi, marshmallow, and lavender. Meant to help assist with relaxation into sleeping and allow you to slip into a state of lucid dreaming. Best not to drink this tea if you are taking antidepressants, as hops can worsen symptoms while interacting with medication. For anyone else: steep a tea ball full in a covered cup for at least 10 minutes, half an hour or so before you go to bed. .5 oz bag



Night Time Chillaxin’ Tea

Relax and fall asleep with this tasty blend of herbs meant to support the body’s ability to fall asleep. Contains hops, passionflower, tulsi, and chamomile. .5 oz bag



Vitamin C Tea

A tart blend of wild-foraged rose hips, organic lemon peel, foraged autumn olive berries, cinnamon stick, and elderberry. Best taken warm with honey! Half ounce bag.