Incenses and Herbal Smoke

Please note that I make many more blends than are listed on this website! The internet simply does not convey scent, and you really need to SMELL the incense / smoke sticks to get a feel for how they will work. I can guarantee there are more incense scents available than whatever I have listed on this site at any given time. If you want to stop by and see/smell what I have available, just send me a message!

Herbal Smoke Cleansing Bundle

Sage mixed with other herbs blended together into herbal smudging sticks. This herbal smoke cleansing can be used for your mind and body or your home. Sage availability is limited during winter months. Add a note to your order if you only want sage or certain specific herbs. White sage availability is limited.


Samhain / Halloween Incense

Mugwort, sage, wormwood, cedar, sweetgrass. All grown organically and blended with the intentions of protection, grounding, and honoring our dead.


Corona No-No Incense Blend (One available)

A blend of sage, mugwort, juniper, a mullein leaf, that will help cleanse the air of both negative energy and bad germs as well as help ease your coughing. Burn as incense and waft toward nose. Temporarily out of Stock! Recently I was told by a customer that smoking/inhaling this blend helped her get through Covid 19.


Honoring the Ancestors

This blend is formulated with herbs and intention for sending prayers upwards and speaking or thanking your ancestors, as far back as you wish to go down your line. It smells heavenly and helps you feel connected to those you have lost. Sticks are $4 each, Cones are $1 each.


Yuletide Incense Blend

Made for Yule / Christmas 2021, this festive blend includes greens from my own organic Christmas tree, cedar, juniper, rosemary, frankincense, and myrrh! Bring the scents and calm of the season into your home with or without the holiday decorations and stress. $1 per cone


Sandalwood Incense Cones

Looking for great, natural smells in your home without the harsh chemicals? Take home this pack of ten sandalwood incense cones today to adorn your mantle or side table! The scent will bring a relaxing vibe into your home, sure to bring everyone zen!


Australian Pure Sandalwood

Santalum spicatum, Australian white sandalwood, the purest form of sandalwood. Ritual-grade incense! Burn to create a sanctum for yourself and close out the distractions and unpleasantness of the outer world for awhile.


Sweetgrass Braid. We grow our own sweetgrass on the farm in small quantities, where it is tended with reverence and care and harvested respectfully. If you are in need of sweetgrass for a ritual or ceremony, please send us a message as it is a special item with expected reciprocity for the land we grow it on. Native ceremonial tobacco is also grown here in small quantities.