My Children’s Book- Ugly Farm

Original News Release 2015:

Ugly Farm Will Un-distinguish Your Grocery-Store Palette

SPENCER, MA—Local author Amelia Ritner has recently released her new children’s book, Ugly Farm.  The book is full of color photos of real, strange-looking fruits and vegetables that she picked while she worked on a farm, as well as light-hearted lines about not discriminating against unconventional-looking vegetables. 

“I want to encourage people to grow their own food, or at least to know that not all fruits and vegetables are as ‘perfect’ as the grocery store wants you to think,” says Ritner.  “So much food is wasted because it is deemed too ugly for the store shelf.  But what if we didn’t care?  All veggies taste great, no matter what their shape!”

Ritner has written several books, including the well-hailed Fuzzy Business and its sequel.  She is currently writing the third installment of her Fuzzy Business trilogy and preparing to start her second season of farm work.  She hopes this new book will bring attention to her goal of educating people about sustainable agriculture and supporting local food and farms.

Ugly Farm is available in paperback directly through CreateSpace (wholesale as well as retail) and online via for $9.99 (SRP).  She currently works on a farm and is developing educational programs for local children, and hopes that farm stands will sell copies of her book all across the country.


“Ugly Farm is a wonderfully written book that teaches kids that no matter what every veggie is still equal. The real pictures make a nice change to the normal cartoon drawn look of most children books. We all enjoyed it! A must buy book for parents to read to their kids and even for a school to teach with.”

“Great real photos of funny looking veggies with a nice story line about treating all veggies the same even when they look really different. (A message that follows many aspects of life). Great story for kids and adults alike. A Must buy!”

“I gave this little book to a family with 4 children 14, 11, 6 and 2… Eldest reads to them and all enjoyed, from the peels of laughter.”