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I have been an organic farmer for over 8 years and a trained Herbalist for over 3 years. I know my way around food and cooking, I know how to get the most out of the food I grow or buy, and I know exactly how to maintain optimal physical health with diet, herbs, exercise, and psychology. All of my services are one-on-one coaching plans tailored to your specific body and needs.

Take control of your Body and get back to feeling Young again!

Kick in the Pants Package

Jump Start Your Journey!
You don’t know if you can do this whole “lose weight and get healthy” thing on your own. It takes a lot of willpower to ignore the cake at the party, or not buy those chips you really like that are on sale this week. You’re not even sure you know what the hell you’re doing… Google is full of ideas, but which ones are right for your body type? How do you avoid getting sucked into buying the cookies and crackers at the store when you want easy snacks for you and your family?

Together we’ll modify your grocery shopping list and create meal plans for every week. This includes recipes, snack ideas, physical activity plans, and herbal support (if needed.) This package includes 3 months of check-ins and personal support. I will check in with you once per week for a 20 minute phone call or Zoom chat to track your progress and make sure you are on the right track. We’ll mainly work with foods that are seasonably available and modify around your tastes and needs. No jumping off the wagon for cocoa puffs or soda! By the end of 3 months, you will feel stronger, lighter, and more able to take on whatever life throws at you. We’ll boost your immunity, your physical stamina, and your mental wellness as well!

Remember: Being physically healthy and losing weight are not always the same thing. You will probably lose weight while on this program, but you may not get to be “supermodel skinny.” That’s OKAY! By the time we are finished, you will know how to be happy and healthy, not just skinny.

3 Payments of $400 or 1 Payment of $1200

Full Body Transformation Package

You have so far to go and you’re sick of hating what you see in the mirror. Will your body ever change? It just doesn’t seem possible at this stage in your life. Your joints hurt, you can’t take a twenty minute walk without getting winded, you can’t stop yourself from binge eating those chips you love that go on sale almost every week.

You need to know: it’s not only possible for you to change the way your body looks and feels; it’s going to happen.

This package level includes everything in the Kick in the Pants level, but lasts for 6 months with bi-weekly check-ins, new recipes, and additional meal planning. You will learn how to prep meals ahead of time–meals that taste great and are super easy to make! We’ll change the way your brain thinks about food and snacking. This option also comes with a membership to my farm’s CSA for local clients as well as the option to come hiking with me and learn about nature while enlivening your physical activity level! For non-local clients, I will personally research outdoor activity and hiking trails in your area (I truly believe outdoor exercise plans are the best for the health of your body, mind, and soul) and make a schedule for you to try them out. You also receive an Herbalist Consultation as part of this package level, with recommendations of herbs to support your healing and lifestyle improvement journey. You will not only lose fat in this program, your body will feel healthier and your brain sharper.

6 Payments of $450 or 1 Payment of $2,700

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