Why Soy-Free?

We proudly feed our poultry soy-free feed, usually a blend of New Country Organics and Green Mountain. But why is it so important to feed our birds a mix that doesn’t contain soy? Soy is a widely-used protein source in most commercial poultry feeds, from chick starter to grower and layer feeds. Since they are receiving reduced protein in their feed, we choose to allow the birds access to the compost pile, which occasionally means giving them meat scraps. They also free range every day and can find their own protein sources, whether that means insects in a pile of leaves or a mouse they caught behind the shed.


Most chicken feed sold in the US is made with GMO raw soybeans, which is not easily absorbed into the bird’s digestive system. Even the organic soy has the same phygtic acid that can’t be broken down by their stomach.

Soy products can be very bad for human health, especially for women, increasing estrogen levels. What the birds eat goes into their eggs, and who eats the eggs? We do! I personally have a soy intolerance that gives me symptoms quite similar to lactose intolerance in most people. While that is the biggest reason we feed soy-free, I want to encourage other humans to realize how soy products are affecting their health without them even being aware of it. While fermented soy (such as properly prepared soy sauce) can be okay for you in small amounts, regularly consuming other soy foods (especially uncooked soy) can have detrimental effects on the hormones in your body.


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