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Please note that the prices listed here are accurate for pick up or meeting in-person only; if you wish your item to be shipped, I will have to invoice you a shipping charge. Thank you for understanding!

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My kitchen, while kept as clean as possible, is NOT inspected by any agency, and I only hold a Cottage Food License. Any products you purchase from me are used at your own discretion. All herbs are either grown or foraged by Amelia. No statements here are evaluated by the FDA. I am an HERBALIST, NOT a DOCTOR.

Herbal Smoke Cleansing Bundle

Sage mixed with other herbs blended together into herbal smudging sticks. This herbal smoke cleansing can be used for your mind and body or your home. Sage availability is limited during winter months. Add a note to your order if you only want sage or certain specific herbs. White sage availability is limited.


Mugwort Smoke Stick

Smudge with mugwort to bring about divination, prophecy, and vivid dreams.


Sweetgrass Braid. We grow our own sweetgrass on the farm in small quantities, where it is tended with reverence and care and harvested respectfully. If you are in need of sweetgrass for a ritual or ceremony, please send us a message as it is a special item with expected reciprocity. Native ceremonial tobacco is also grown here in small quantities.

Fire Cider

Made almost entirely with ingredients grown organically on our farm! Only one jar available for 2020.


Corona No-No Incense Blend

A blend of sage, mugwort, juniper, a mullein leaf, that will help cleanse the air of both negative energy and bad germs as well as help ease your coughing. Burn as incense and waft toward nose. ONE LEFT


Sandalwood Incense Cones

Package of 10, very relaxing scent! All handmade.


Usnea Tincture

Usnea- lungs of the forest! See my blog post on this wonderful herbal remedy. Helps clear bogged down lungs. Has been specifically indicated as a remedy for treating damp stagnation in lungs. One ounce dropper bottle.


Reishi Tincture

A double-decocted tincture made from the powerfully immune-boosting reishi mushroom. One ounce bottle. Limited quantities available.


Gut Heal Infusion

Supports ulcers, GERD, IBS, digestive upset, etc. Half ounce bag; most herbs grown on our farm. 4 ounce jar. Contact Us for different size bag or jar.


Anxiety and Overwhelmed Tincture

Supports anxiety, stress, and nervousness when one is overwhelmed by life. One ounce dropper bottle.


Adult Sleepy Tincture

Helps support relaxation and preparing your body to fall asleep.


Chickweed Tincture

Chickweed tincture can help support stomach functioning, reduce inflammation, and aid the body in losing excess weight. It can also be used topically to aid skin irritations and wounds.


Allergy Tincture

Stinging Nettle and Goldenrod support a healthy histamine response.


Children’s Sleepy Tincture

Just a few drops for the little one can help ease them into a more relaxed state. Perfect remedy for bedtime rowdiness! Safe herbs; dosage is dependent on weight of child.


Spilanthes Tincture

Spilanthes offers immune support once illness feels like it is coming on, and also is a general numbing agent for mucous membranes like sore gums or teeth.


Four Thieves’ Vinegar Spray Bottle

The Four Thieves would drink this or spray it on their face masks to help ward off the Black Plague while they went tomb raiding. If it helps keep that virus at bay, I’m sure it can combat other modern viruses! Small bottles $4, one large bottle available upon request.


Wild Lettuce Tincture

Wild lettuce is a powerful sedative and pain killer. This remedy should be utilized in the evenings, not before driving or operating machinery. Helps immensely after a long hard day of manual labor.


Mullein Leaf Tincture

The tincture works just as well as the tea! Mullein leaf supports the lungs during a dry cough that just won’t go away.


Calendula Tincture

Supports digestive tract and lymphatic system drainage


Breathe Right Tea

This blend helps support the lungs during a dry, persistent cough or respiratory infection. Half ounce bag.


Plantain Tincture

A quick few squirts of this can help with the pain of an ulcer or other upper digestive tract upset. Half ounce bottle.


Partridgeberry Tincture

Offers supports for the uterus during the last weeks or pregnancy, to help tone and prepare for childbirth. Half ounce bottle.


Marshmallow Flower Essence

Soften and soothe anger and emotional wounds. Shift out of negative emotional state.


Montbretia, “Lucifer Flower” Flower Essence

Assists in working with explosive anger problems. Encourages you to take steps towards a more positive and peaceful resolution to your anger.


Evening Primrose Flower Essence

Brings awareness and healing of painful early emotions absorbed from parents while young or even while in the womb (think: unwanted child.) Encourages ability to form committed, deep relationships after feelings of rejection.


Hyssop Flower Essence

Body-based guilt or shame, physical self harm, soul memory of previous abuse, body shame. Helps forgive and receive acceptance from others.


Echinacea Flower Essence

When your new self is beginning to change, Echinacea flower helps you break through whatever is stopping you from completing that change. Helps release tensions that may weaken your immune system.


Tulsi (Holy Basil) Flower Essence

Create an elevated state of focused awareness. Everything becomes sharper, sweeter, more clarified when you are under the influence of Holy Basil.


Sweet Pea Flower Essence

Inability to form bonds with social community or to find one’s place in the world. Ability to form social roots.


Athlete’s Foot Tincture

Intended for Topical use only! Put some onto a cotton ball and rub on athlete’s foot, ringworm, or other fungal infections. One Ounce Dropper bottle.


Willow Flower Essence

Acceptance, Forgiveness Resolves imbalances of a person being bitter, resentful, feeling as if they have been treated unfairly, tendency to see themselves as the victim


Peach Blossom Flower Essence

Unselfishness Resolves tendency to be selfish, thoughtless, inability to relate to others, exploitive nature, tendency to smother, inability to relate to others’ realities, inability to receive love. 1/2 ounce bottle.


Dandelion Flower Essence

Brighten and Relax your mood. This helps resolve tense, rigid or stiff muscles, a person who over-strives and drives themselves too hard. 1/2 ounce bottle.


St. John’s Wort Flower Essence

This essence was made on the summer solstice 2020, and as such has extra energy in it! Depression related to lack of connection to the spiritual world and self, psychic and physical vulnerability


Lady’s Mantle Flower Essence

Intellectual or technical approach to healing, female system feeling suffering of Mother Earth. Calms your heart and eases your spirit by balancing your electromagnetic fields


Rose Flower Essence

Unfreeze the heart. Be ready to love and forgive again


Comfrey Flower Essence

Low body awareness; unresolved trauma and injuries from the past; difficulty healing old wounds; energy loss for no apparent reason.


Calendula Flower Essence

Tendency to be argumentative, lack of ability to communicate with others, verbal abuse


Birch Pain Salve OR Oil

Infused birch bark oil mixed with beeswax and essential oil of birch. Best topical painkiller we have ever personally experienced using. 4 ounce jar, 2.5 ounces if straight oil.


Star of Bethlehem Flower Essence

Shock or Grief Relief Imbalances: Brings comfort when one refuses to be consoled due to bad news, accident, fright, sudden or past shock


Eczema Salve

Helps ease the itching and discomfort caused by eczema. Ingredients: Infused oils of self-heal, calendula, dandelion, plantain, marshmallow, and chamomile; Sweet almond oil, beeswax, Essential oils of lavender and helichrysum. 2.5 ounce jar.


Fabulous Foot Balm

Rub this on your feet after you get out of the shower to enjoy soft, smooth heels and skin. Soothes tired feet. Ingredients: Olive oil, beeswax, Vitamin E, peppermint essential oil, tea tree essential oil. 4 ounce jar


Boo-Boo Salve

For scrapes, bruises, and superficial wounds. Ingredients: Infused oils of calendula, comfrey, plantain, yarrow, birch. Pine resin, beeswax, Vitamin E oil, peppermint essential oil. One available


Blackberry Flower Essence

Grounding your ideas into reality, stand up and be more fruitful, move ahead with new projects, get your butt in gear


Borage Flower Essence

Lack of confidence when facing challenges. Brings courage, buoyancy to the soul, especially during or after moments of grief.


Spider Plant Flower Essence

Rebirth. Let go of old patterns, need for approval from others


Moon and Stars Watermelon Seeds

Beautiful heirloom watermelon! Grows well in our New England climate.


Boston Marrow Seeds

From some of the GIANT Boston Marrow squashes I grew this year! This plant is very prolific and takes up a LOT of space!


Pine Resin Salve

Great for binding cuts and small wounds. Ingredients: Infused white pine oil, pine resin, beeswax.


Live Wood Wands with Various Charged Gemstone Tips

I am listing these to let you know that I make and have them available. Each wand is a different combination of wood and stone, sanded to be comfortable in your hand. This item needs to be seen and held in your hand– the true magick wand chooses the user. Hold it, feel its energy, and decide which wand is for you! Combinations include black walnut, apple wood, peach wood, cherry wood, oak wood, citrine stone, amethyst, tiger’s eye, unakite. Handmade, for ceremonial use.


Please feel free to send a message through the Contact Us form if you are looking for something specific. Thanks!

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