Life Will Find a Way

As 2020 comes to a close, I want to share a few thoughts.

Looking up into the basement window. It’s BASE-MINT!

This is mint growing INSIDE our basement. This window is up high, so this photo wasn’t easy to take. But right outside this little basement window is my first herb garden, in which I am fighting a yearly battle with spearmint taking over.

A couple days ago, we got solar panels installed on our house. They haven’t been activated just yet, but the guys installing everything trampled the shit out of my herb garden just outside this little window. Outside it’s a rocky, dirty, barren wreck.

But yesterday Nik noticed something green in the window. This little chunk of mint weaseled it’s way either through the cracks in our stone foundation or just under that old, ratty window (this house was built in 1952 and those windows are original) and sprouted up to get what little light it could from the inside. It’s making a life for itself in a very challenging place. Just outside, the whole patch where this came from was dug up, trampled, destroyed.

But this little piece of mint survived.

How you can see it from where you normally stand

I think after the year 2020 has been for many of us, we can learn a lot from this little mint. Instead of seeing it as annoying or invasive, I think I will look at it as inspiring.

No matter how hard 2020 trampled you, your family, or your friends, you can still find a spot of light from inside and grow back again.

Happy New Year, and Blessed Be!