Heart Health for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but this year it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. However, in years past, it WAS a big deal… whether I was single or in a relationship.

Whether you are paying close attention to your heart because you desire romantic love or your heart hurts from the loss of a loved one, Roses should have a place somewhere on your apothecary shelf.

This is my rose bush, Chuckles

Rose petals and hips are powerful energetic medicine. Rose flower essence dispels feelings of apathy, helps you attract love more easily, and sparks feelings of joy. Rose hips are an incredible source of Vitamin C, which helps to restore your immune system and aids in tissue repair. Rose petals are edible, make a lovely tea, and can be added to herbal smoking blends for both flavor and a boost to heart health. I also add ground rose petals as a main ingredient in one of my favorite incense blends, Some Romantic Evening.

One of my favorite things to make with roses is Rose Elixir. Just a few drops of this on or under your tongue helps your heart feel lighter when you are lamenting a lost love or your lack of romance. It also helps heal heartache over a deceased loved one and any other kind of emotional pain you have been facing.

Making Rose Elixir

If you are feeling lack of romance in your current relationship, however, you may need to re-evaluate who your current partner is. I offer some relationship advice on my alternative TikTok account but if you really are having trouble meeting, finding, or attracting a romantic partner for a happy long-term relationship I can’t possibly recommend highly enough the advice of my friend Bryan Redfield.

If you are a man tired of wasting money on dates that go nowhere and wondering what the heck you’ve been doing wrong, I advise you to check out The Redfield System. I personally took Bryan’s course for women, The Redfield Dating System and have final figured out how to build a quality, equal partnership with someone rather than just a give-and-take, where my heart and mind was the one suffering. I refuse to accept anything less than a relationship where my needs are met physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually– and I hope the same for you!

Another wonderful herb that is not to be downplayed for heart health is Hawthorn. I personally feel Hawthorn (cretaegus monogyna) is more my go-to remedy for the physical heart, as it improves circulation and helps oxygenate the blood, helping protect the heart from damage and healing the heart muscle after the effects of a heart attack.

No matter what your feeling are about Valentine’s Day tomorrow, remember that the person who loves you most in the entire world should be YOU. If you don’t love yourself totally, completely, and unconditionally, nobody else can either.

I love you!